4 Popular RV Questions: Answered


RV FAQThe dream of taking to the open road, without a care in the world, is a dream that is shared by many. We fantasize about quitting our jobs, selling the house, and traveling across the country in a luxurious RV, kids and dog in tow. Though much of this dream is surely possible, traveling, and living out of an RV, safely and efficiently, requires more than a dream; but also requires a bit of knowledge, use of precautions, and a good plan.


Before packing your bags, and your road map; here are a few of the most popularly asked questions concerning RV travel. You will be a lot more at ease, and have much more fun, if you do some research, before hitting that gas pedal.

1. What type of RV should I purchase?


This answer really depends on how you plan to use your RV. If you have fully embraced the get-away-without-a-care dream, sold your home, and plan to travel for a year; then you will need to go with the most equipped RV your money can buy. You will need an RV that is large enough and provides the level of comfort needed for living and traveling for long periods of time, especially if you are traveling with family or companions. If traveling alone, you may be able to get away with something more modest.

2. In what ways can I use my RV?


The Weekend camper takes short trips, and loves traveling on the occasional weekend during the year.


The Vacationer seeks a level of comfort needed for longer trips, up to several weeks at a time.


The Snowbird RV’er is the winter traveler who heads to warmer climates for a few months each year.


Fulltime RV’ers are those who have retired from the traditional style of living, and plan to use their RV as a travel vehicle and permanent living space.

3. What type of amenities are available?


In the most basic RV’s, you will find the everyday necessities, including a bed, refrigeration, storage, and a small dining area. There are some even smaller, more basic models, where cooking can only be done outside of the RV. Many RV models are also equipped with heating/air conditioning systems, living room areas, full bathrooms, and entertainment centers, such as, TV’s, and stereos.

4. What type of license do I need to drive an RV?


Most RV’s can be driven with your standard C-class driver’s license. It really depends on the State in which you are traveling. Do your research, because some states may require you to have a CDL license to drive an RV.