RV Grocery Shopping Guide

Meals on the Road:

RV Shopping

Vacationing by RV is fun and carefree in a lot of ways, but there are preparations and planning that needs to be done, to make the trip go smoothly. One of the main things that need top consideration, is how you will plan and shop for your meals. Creating meals while traveling requires thought and creativity. It is also important to incur as little expenses as possible, because you never know what may happen while you’re on the road.

It is smart to purchase many needed food items, before officially hitting the highways. Making a list of grocery staples, and heading to your nearest discount food mart, is often the best way to go. You can usually buy many products in bulk at a cheaper price. Clipping coupons in preparation for your shopping trip will add significantly to your savings. Remember to purchase a variety of foods so that you and your family aren’t eating the same meals every day.

Eating on the road is different from eating at home, in many ways. You will want to create meal plans and find recipes that do not require tons of ingredients. You will also want to be sure not to create meals that are too large; it is easier to travel without having to store leftovers. You can use some of the money you saved with coupons and planning, on restaurants meals. When traveling, it’s a great idea to experience a variety of meal options. Eating out also gives you the opportunity to enjoy some of the local foods and culture.

Depending on how long you will be traveling by RV, creating a written meal schedule will help to keep you organized. This process will also help you to design a complete shopping list. There are some items you will have on hand at home, that you can pack for your trip. Things like seasonings, cooking oil, flour; plus instant breakfast foods, like pancake mix and cereals.

Though you may eat more fresh food products at home; on the road, canned and boxed items will be easier to store and will last longer. If you pass a market, fresh produce stand, or farmer’s market, while traveling, you can always pick up some fresh foods for dinner that night. You don’t want to purchase too many though, because fresh fruits and vegetables don’t last as long as canned and boxed groceries.

With a bit of careful thought and planning before your trip, shopping for your meals, will be a lot less stressful. Once you get on the road, you can have an exciting and relaxing vacation without constant stopping to buy food. Taking a little time to plan your daily meals will allow you to focus on spending quality time with your family while on vacation.