Head to Camp – Vintage Camper Boot Camp, That Is!

Despite numerous models that have come out over the years, it’s hard to beat a traditional camper. They still look great today and, as an owner, it’s important to do what is necessary to keep it that way. However, not everyone knows the best ways to make repairs or improvements to restore these vintage trailers. Fortunately there is a boot camp coming up that will give you all the information you need to keep your camper looking like new.

Vintage Camper Trailers Boot CampThe Vintage Camper Trailers Boot Camp is a three-day event featuring classes and demonstrations on how to properly maintain your camper, no matter what your experience level may be. Scheduled for March 4-6, 2016, the event will be held at the California Auto Museum and feature numerous industry professionals all willing to share their knowledge with you. While with the experts, you will be able to ask whatever questions you may have and receive well step-by-step instructions on the restoration of your trailer.

Beyond the great information, you also will be able to build your network of friends and other passionate campers at the event. This could lead to help with any restoration issues that might come up or even just forge new friendships and camping buddies for future road trips.

If you’re planning on going and need a place to stay, you have a few options. Attendees can dry camp in the parking lot at the venue for free, or there are several nearby campgrounds and hotel options for guests to choose from. To learn more about the event, visit Vintage Camper Trailers’ website.

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