3 Tips for Gaining More Storage Space in Your RV

While we absolutely love our RVs and the freedom they give us to comfortably hit the road anytime we want, not too many of us are big fans of the lack of storage space that comes along with them. When you’re planning a quick weekend away at your favorite campground, storage really isn’t much of an issue. However, it’s those instances when you and the entire family are packing up for a week or two away, or if you and your significant other are gearing up for an indefinite road trip across the country that can cause issues. How can you possibly fit everything you need into your small RV space and still keep your comfort level?

3 Tips for Gaining More Storage Space in Your RV | Hemet Valley RV

Try these great tips to help increase your storage space:

Magnets and Velcro – One of the most convenient places to utilize magnets for storage is in the kitchen. Simply hang a long, thin metal strip from the wall near the sink and use it to magnetize any metal object to its surface. Use this for any of your kitchen knives or utensils that you need to easy access to. As for Velcro, try using this on nightstands or end tables to keep remotes from cluttering up your countertop space.

Make the Most of Your Walls – If you have open space on the walls of your RV, you have room for a few hooks or small, simple shelving units. This is a great way to find space for bags, clothing, books, magazines and anything else that may be taking up space somewhere else. Keep in mind that there are a number of storage units, such as a hanging shoe organizer, that may be intended for one thing, but can be used to store anything you’d like.

Slide-Out Surfaces – Slide-out surfaces are particularly great not only because they can be installed just about anywhere, but because they can be tucked out of sight whenever you don’t need them. A few different places throughout your RV that you may want to consider installing one of these drawers is under the bed, under a coffee table, underneath cabinets, etc.

When it comes to open space throughout your RV, you may be pretty limited. However as long as you take the time to plan ahead and use every opportunity for smart storage, you should have no problem packing up your essentials and hitting the open road!