Jul 5, 2015
by Barry on Hemet Valley RV
Turned out Perfect

We picked up a 62 Shasta trailer and the side looked like a kid took a stick to the side of it. It was bad. We brought the skin to Hemet Valley RV and they Made a new peice. The Bottom skin is new and the top skin was old, but they look identical. It had 6 inch lines and it turned out perfect. Thanks Guys. Great job.


Jan 14, 2014
by Steve and Tammy are the BEST! on Hemet Valley RV
Steve and Tammy are the BEST!

Steve & Tammy ARE THE BEST!!!! I have been working in the RV business for may years & have always put all my trust with Hemet Valley.Not only can they help restore your vintage trailer, but they can help get your new one back on the raod in a very short time. Hi Five to the whole Hemet Valley crew!!! Thanks for all of your hard work!!

Jan 9, 2014
by Robert Rozuk on Hemet Valley RV
The Repaired Side is Perfect!

I just wanted to take the time to let Steve and Tammy know how much I appreciate the way they take there job to the fullest. The repair siding is perfect.

Sep 17, 2013
by Wayne McGee on Hemet Valley RV
True Professionals

I recently purchased all of the siding,trim and entry door for an 1970 11′ foot trailer that I rebuilt using only the metal frame of the original trailer. I contacted Steve at Hemet Valley RV and sent him a side view of the trailer with the dimensions on it. Steve figured out what material I needed and the amount and sent it. Everything that I needed I received in a timely fashion and it was packaged in very strong boxes. When i was installing the siding I found that the last piece at the bottom of the trailer was cut a little short and wouldn’t work. I am a general contractor as well as a cabinet maker and I am well aware of how easy it is to make a mistake when measuring and cutting building materials. I am also aware of how difficult it is for some people to accept the responsibility for making a mistake that is going to cost them to make it right. When I had first talked to Steve when I ordered the material he was very helpful and very pleasant and professional so I was hoping that would be the case when I called with this problem. I was not disappointed, Steve realized the mistake and very quickly and professionally resolved the problem and sent the correct metal immediately. I have been in the building trade for 40 years and I know everybody makes mistakes. It is how you fix those mistakes that makes you a true professional. Steve and his company run there business in a way that makes there customers want to buy from them again, and in my opinion that is what makes a successful business. If you are in the market for materials for RVs. you could not find a better supplier.Thanks so much for the great job Steve, I have no doubt that your business will have continued success, Great Job.

Jul 18, 2013
by Butch on Hemet Valley RV
Cost Far Below What It Could of Been

steve was super nice to talk to and will help you any way he can with all your needs. I order the complete skin for my 63 garway and all I had to do was give him the measurements and it was packed and shipped to me…the cost was far below what it would have been to repair and paint my original skin…I would recommend any one to give steve a call…I know if I need any more metal I will give him a call again…….thanks so much steve

Apr 16, 2013
by Craft Coach on Hemet Valley RV
Arrived Fast, Perfect Fit

Thanks Steve and the crew!! Product arrived as promised , matched exactly great price . Superior customer service .

Mar 7, 2013
by Larry on Hemet Valley RV
Extensive Knowledge

Extensive knowledge and quality materials. Very fair pricing and quick turn around time. Steve and Tammy are always helpful.

Nov 16, 2012
by B.J. Fischer on Hemet Valley RV
Unequivocally Unbeatable

Just received the 2 triangular boxes of siding for the 59 Cardinal I am restoring. The structural packaging was amazingly strong resulting in a product in absolutey perfect condition. The product, packaging, service, pricing and delivery is unequivocally unbeatable. I highly recommend, without reservation, Hemet Valley RV for anyone in the trailer restoration business or anyone who needs aluminum siding for their RV. Kudos to Steve and his staff for a splendid job! BJF

Oct 29, 2012
by Greg on Hemet Valley RV
What Customer Service Should Be

Five Star Plus!!! Steve and his company demonstrate what customer service should look like. Thanks so much!Glenn

Nov 9, 2011
by Greg on Hemet Valley RV

hanks for all of the help with my RV.Greg from http://www.hemet.net

Sep 13, 2011
by Bob Clark on Hemet Valley RV
Steer You In The Right Direction

Wow! Great service. If these guys don’t have what you need they will steer you in the best possible direction. If you have an older trailer and they have the pattern, they will custom make your pannels.

Sep 12, 2011
by Peter P on Hemet Valley RV
Fix the Blow Out

I had a blow out last year on the way home from Deer Hunting in Missouri which messed up my newely rebuilt 1973 Empire travel trailer. I fixed up all of the cabinets and wheel well and really needed some help replacing the aluminum siding. Not only did Jim at Hemet help me measure exactly what I needed to save as much money as I could, but he also has the exact pattern of siding that came on my trailer as well as the corner molding. These guys made my parts the very same day!! I cannot express how awsome this place is. I would recommend them to anyone needing to fix up a trailer or even build one from scratch.Very Happy!! Peter P. From Upland California