YearModelModel #ImageAvailability
1991-1994AljoBMTrailer Siding for 1991 - 1994 Aljo BM0205
1995-1996AljoBMCamper Siding for 1995 - 1996 Aljo BM1195
2000-2002AljoBMRV Siding for 2000 - 2002 Aljo BM0052
2003AljoBMTrailer Siding for 2003 Aljo BM0052
2004AljoBMCamper Siding for 2004 Aljo BM3133
1997-1999Aljo BottomBMRV Siding for 1997 - 1999 Aljo Bottom BM1831
1997Aljo UpperBMTrailer Siding for 1997 Aljo Upper BM18152NLA
1995-1996LaytonBMCamper Siding for 1995 - 1996 Layton
2000-2002LaytonBMRV Siding for 2000 - 2002 Layton BM0046
2003-2004LaytonBMTrailer Siding for 2003 - 2004 Layton BM3070
1997-1999Layton BottomBMCamper Siding for 1997 - 1999 Layton Bottom BM1757NLA
1997Layton Upper StripeBMRV Siding for 1997 Layton Upper Stripe BM1732NLA
1995-1996NomadBMTrailer Siding for 1995 - 1996 Nomad BM1245
2000-2002NomadBMCamper Siding for 2000 - 2002 Nomad BM0058NLA
2003-2004NomadBMRV Siding for 2003 - 2004 Nomad BM3076NLA
1997-1999Nomad BottomBMTrailer Siding for 1997 - 1999 Nomad Bottom BM1799NLA
1997-1999Nomad UpperBMCamper Siding for 1997 - 1999 Nomad Upper BM1773
1999Weekender (Black)BMRV Siding for 1999 Weekender (Black) BM1633
1999Weekender (Blue)BMTrailer Siding for Weekender Blue BM1641
1999Weekender (Green)BMTrailer Siding for 1999 Weekender (Green) BM2416
1999Weekender (Teal)BMTrailer Siding for Weekender Teal BM2077


Have the color bands on your Skyline RV started to fade? That can happen over the years. Fortunately, you do not have to let it drag down the look of your RV. Hemet Valley RV carries Skyline RV siding panels and color bands used to replace your current color bands. We stock color bands from a variety of years and models and help you find exactly what you need to give your RV a makeover. Contact us today to order your new color bands.