Forest River

YearModelModel #ImageAvailability
1996-1998SalemBM1468No Image
1999-2000SalemBM2047Salem BM1468
2001-2002SalemBM2162Salem BM2047
2003-2004SalemBM3097Salem BM3097NLA
1999-2001SandpiperBM2065Sandpiper BM2065
2001-2002SandpiperBM2174Sandpiper BM2174
2003-2004SandpiperBM3106Sandpiper BM3106NLA
1995-1998SierraBM1427Sierra BM1427
1999-2001SierraBM2053Sierra BM2053
2001-2002SierraBM2168Sierra BM2168
2003-2004SierraBM3115Sierra BM3115
1996-1998WildwoodBM1484Wildwood BM1484
1999-2001WildwoodBM2059Wildwood BM2059
2001-2002WildwoodBM2180Wildwood BM2180


If you drive your Forest River RV around the country long enough, you are eventually going to need to replace the color band siding on the outside. Hemet Valley RV makes this easy by carrying a large stock of Forest River color bands and other RV and trailer siding materials. You can replace sections of color bands that faded from the sun or damaged during an accident. Browse through our selection of First River color bands and call us to place your order today.