YearModelModel #ImageAvailability
2000MallardBM0040Mallard BM0040NLA
2002MallardBM0064Mallard BM0064
2003-2004MallardBM3082Mallard BM3082
2001PioneerBM0076No Image
2002-2004Pioneer YoderBM3010Pioneer Yoder BM3010
2002-2004Pioneer Custom MesaBM0076Pioneer Custom Mesa BM0076
1995ProwlerBM1120Prowler BM1120NLA
1997-1999ProwlerBM1872Prowler BM1872NLA
2000-2002ProwlerBM0022Prowler BM0022
2001-2002ProwlerBM3022Prowler BM3022
2002Prowler w/gold stripeBM3034Prowler with Gold Stripe BM3034
1998-1999TerryCA0021Terry CA0021
2000-2001TerryBM0028Terry BM0028
2002TerryBM3028Terry BM0028
1993Wilderness-CimarronBM0346Wilderness - Cimarron BM0346


Whether the color band siding on the outside of your Fleetwood RV is cracking and peeling because of the sun or showing signs of damage due to an accident, you do not have to deal with it anymore. Hemet Valley RV has Fleetwood color bands direct from the manufacturer and designed to replace old weathered color bands. We also keep plenty of other exterior RV and trailer siding in stock. Get in touch with us to order any of the Fleetwood color bands you see here.