Helpful Advice for Naming Your First RV

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It’s tradition, when you get a new RV you’re supposed to name it. That’s just the way it is. Whether you plan to hit the open road for good, or if you just want frequent road trips, you’ll develop a strong connection to your home away from home. Much like boats, RVs need a name to solidify the sentiment of your new RV.

An RV is not a small purchase; it’s essentially a second home. It also happens to be a motor vehicle, which means it will require care and maintenance. This means that if you purchase an RV you thought long and hard about which RV is right for you. This means that the RV you now own, was your perfect match… and it deserves a proper name.

You can find the perfect name by considering a few things. Just as you’d name a pet or a child, you want the name to fit the personality of the RV, so don’t rush into it. Follow our quick advice below, for help choosing your RVs name.


If you name your RV “The Happy Camper”, go directly to jail. Do not stop at go. The first pun that hops in your mind is probably the name of 200,000 other RVs out there. Give it a valiant effort before resorting to a cliché. This does not mean you can’t use puns, just think more along the lines of unique names, like the famous RV “The Cramalott Inn”.


Is there a memory you have that you just can’t shake? Maybe this memory is of a lost loved one, your marriage proposal, or maybe just a vacation or activity that stayed with you over the years. Bring whatever makes you feel good into your RV, by naming it after this touching, sentimental part of your life.


Consider the activities that will occur in your RV. Do you plan to travel across the country with some old college pals, or is this a family road trip? Do you want to use the RV as a home away from home? All of these things can contribute to your RV’s new name. Think about the life your RV will have, and the naming will be easy.