Go ‘Camping in Style’ at the California Auto Museum

Small White Trailer With Canvas Canopy

Head’s up, classic RV fans – the California Automobile Museum is hosting a special exhibit that’s sure to get you hitched on camping all over again. The “Camping in Style: Little Homes on Wheels” exhibit will be setting up camp Oct. 31 for a five-month stay at the Sacramento  museum’s building. This comprehensive look at… Read more »

Trailerfest Celebrating Its Fifth Season With ‘50s Theme

This weekend, dozens of vintage campers and camping enthusiasts will descend on Lodi, California to take part in one of the fastest growing vintage trailer meetups on the West Coast – Trailerfest 2015. The annual event has grown from less than 20 friends gathering during Towerfest in 2011 to a massive gathering that is expected to… Read more »

Great American Road Trips, Eight of Twelve: Hawaii

Popular Beach in Hawaii

The most exotic on our list of domestic road trips to see the best of what America has to offer, Hawaii is as foreign a land you can experience without a passport. An archipelago of 8 islands, none of which are connected by roadway, Hawaii is a relatively young collection of land masses. With the… Read more »

Great American Road Trips, Seven of Twelve: California

Scenic Cove In Hawaii

California is a state so immense and diverse, its economy is considered the eighth largest in the entire world. It is by far, the largest economy of any state in the Union, having generated $2.3 trillion in 2014, compared to the distant second; New York with a gross state product of $1 trillion in the… Read more »

Great American Road Trips, Six of Twelve: Texas/Oklahoma

Hawaiian Buffalo

Texas and Oklahoma are two states every American must experience in their lifetime. Teaming with natural wonder and beauty, this central swath to our great nation is so much more than the dusty plains you may picture. Lush green forests and roaring river ways dot the landscape from the corn fields in the northern reaches… Read more »

Great American Road Trips, Five of Twelve: Midwest

RV Turning Down Desert Road

The American Midwest, otherwise known as its heartland or breadbasket, is the heart of the country. Stretching from Ohio to North Dakota and down to Kansas, the Midwest is the source of the majority of resourced commodities. Everything from wheat to oil is harvested across the region, and without it the American economy would output… Read more »

Great American Road Trips, Four of Twelve: The South

Sun Setting Over Forest

The American South is a region so vast it has it has developed its very own culture. Southern food is some of the most prolific in the entire world and should be thoroughly experienced everywhere from the shores of North Carolina to the streets of New Orleans. But beyond the food, the American South is… Read more »

Great American Road Trips, Three of Twelve: Mid-Atlantic

Garden View With White House In Background

A gateway between the American South and the bustling big cities of the Northeast, the Mid-Atlantic States offer a perfect mix of cosmopolitan, classic Americana tourism and relaxed southern charm. A populous region with plenty to do and see, including one of the nicest baseball stadiums in the major leagues at Camden Yards, the Mid-Atlantic… Read more »

Tips to keep your RV running smooth

RV Mechanic

Any type of vehicle you’ve ever owned, you’ve wanted to take proper care of it and make sure that it lasts as long as it possibly can for you. The same can be done for a motorhome, especially if you like to take nice long road trips to new places you’ve never seen before. There… Read more »

Great American Road Trips, Two of Twelve: Northeast

Looking Up At The Niagara Falls

The oldest region in the country, the American northeast has not only a great scenic landscape to enjoy but is also steeped in rich culture. Historic and scenic, the northeast is the most diverse parts of the nation to experience. And for the most vibrant of backdrops, most travelers prefer to take on this particular… Read more »